Make setup throwing error

Here is the image of error i am getting as there is no setup target for mage to run. May i get some help in creating a custom beat. i am trying everything on ELK stack 6.5.0

Am i going to run Make.bat or make? for make to run what i am suppose to setup? any location from where i can download make command ?

I am running this on windows 7 machine

It appears that make is a GCC compiler command. Which does not work on windows. Also for similar command like Nmake for window the makefile is not suitable. So i am sensing that the custom beat can only be made on linux environment with the current documentation. Not sure what else needed for windows... can someone from elastic team confirm on the same so that i stop investing time to investigation as its going endless now.

The Makefile requires GNU make. Oftentimes gmake in non-linux setups. Developing Beats via Windows is not supported very well right now. This is why we introduced mage recently and started to rewrite some of our python/shell scripts in go. So to provide the same experience no matter which OS one uses. Unfortunately we're not there yet.

yaap... that is a fair answer.... i was trying to run commands on Nmake (another flavor in MS) but this would require Makefile changes.... which i was not in the position to do... Will wait for this one....

Also would love if we can reduce dependency on development env languages.... as of now i am sensing for small piece to achieve... i have to go through Go, python, virtualenv... mage etc....

Thanks for the answer though!

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