Unable to setup File Beats using go

Similar to this : Error on make setup

root@raspberrypi:~/go/src/github.com/elastic/beats/filebeat# GOPATH=~/go make
Installing mage v1.8.0 from vendor dir.
bash: mage: command not found
../dev-tools/make/mage.mk:9: recipe for target 'mage' failed
make: [mage] Error 127 (ignored)

I have tried the suggested but no luck. Any ideas please ?

Hi @johndowe and welcome :slight_smile:

Just to confirm, is this what you tried?

export GOPATH=~/go
export PATH=$GOPATH/bin/:$PATH


yes I tried both and still the same error. Let me know if I need to provide you with more information to troubleshoot. thanks again.

After setting the environment variables, is mage installed? You can check if the binary is in the path with which mage.

If it is not, try to install it with go get github.com/magefile/mage.

Thanks @jsoriano this is now resolved :slight_smile:

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