Make virtualization file beat aggregation

"log.file.path": [
"C:\ProgramData\UNO\SES\Logs\user1\101.log" 10 count
"log.file.path": [
"C:\ProgramData\UNO\SES\Logs\user1\102.log" 20 count
"log.file.path": [
"C:\ProgramData\UNO\SES\Logs\user2\101.log" 10 count
"log.file.path": [
"C:\ProgramData\UNO\SES\Logs\user1\102.log" 50 count

I am getting the log file path data like above i have log file as per user folder if you see above I have 2 file for user1 which have 30 logs.
and 2 files for user2 which have 60 logs.

i want to aggregate and show as per user wise in pie graph like user1 count 30 and user2 count 60 
how can we make aggregate like C:\\ProgramData\\UNO\\SES\\Logs\\user1\\ this only so it may count

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