Making elasticdb container persistant in EKS


We are deploying the Elasticsearch and one of the container is for elasticdb. the default location for the database is under "/usr/share/Elasticsearch" it creates a data directory and database is created here. How to change this default location to a mounted volume path so that it can be persistent over upgrade.

We added as below in deployment.yaml
- mountPath: /Elasticsearch/data
name: elasticdb-data


  • name: elasticdb-data
    path: /data

But still the data base is not created here. kindly suggest if any parameter needs to be updated.

Are you using the ECK operator? If not I would recommend doing that and then the operator would generate a PersistentVolumeClaim for you that you adjust to your needs as documented here Volume claim templates | Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes [1.9] | Elastic

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