Making into two tokens

I have a multi-lingual, free-text dataset that contains some domain names within the text. I am finding that searching for just the hostname portion of a domain does not yield results because the standard analyzer does not split tokens on periods. (I think this explained here:

I imagine there is a lot of work baked in to the standard tokenizer so that it yields the best results on multilingual data and so I don't want to switch tokenizers because of this one use case.

One thought I had would be to add a mapping char filter that maps periods to spaces, but I can't say I know all of the side-effects of this and am wondering if there is a more elegant solution.

Is there any other way to tweak the tokenizer such that it will split into two tokens?

For what it's worth, the tokenizer used here on apparently splits "" into two tokens. Doing a search for "hostname" returns this topic with emphasized like so.