Malformed Json for an object with a rawfield only using XContentBuilder

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I couldn't find a way to create a valid document using the XContentBuilder
including a raw field only.

Following the code I used:

  jsonStr = "{\"field\":\"value\"}";
  XContentBuilder xb = jsonBuilder()
      .rawField("object_name", jsonStr.getBytes())

This code resulted in a malformed json document { , "object_name" :
{"field":"value"} }. Looking at the JsonXContentGenerator implementation of
writeRawField it looks like this is what the code is expected to do, in

public void writeRawField(String fieldName, byte[] content, 

OutputStream bos) throws IOException {
generator.writeRaw(", "");
generator.writeRaw("" : ");

In order to overcome this I had to add a dummy empty field to the document:

  XContentBuilder xb = jsonBuilder()
      .field("dummy", "")
      .rawField(DOC_OBJECT_NAME, jsonStr.getBytes())

I wonder if there is any other method allowing to add a raw field only to a
document using XContentBuilder or not.

Thank you in advance,


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