Management thread pool gone in 7.5?

We are having issues with 7.4.1 and the data nodes getting backlogs on the management threadpool and then all cluster communication stops. Then just noticed that in the documentation the management thread pool is mentioned in 7.4 and gone in 7.5. Is cluster management completely different in 7.5? That would make it worth looking at.

Right now if we index more then say 20k documents/second we run into this backlog in cluster management.

Seems to just be missing from documentation. Had someone on 7.5 do a /_cat/thread_pool?v and management is definitely still listed.

Solution to my issue is here Bulk indexing causes management threadpool queue to skyrocket

Thanks for the heads-up. Note the weasel words at the top of the doc:

There are several thread pools, but the important ones include:


However the omission of the management threadpool in the 7.5 docs looks to be a mistake. These docs were added in #48543 and backported to the 7.4 branch but not, apparently the 7.5 branch. They're there again in 7.6:

I've let the author know.

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