Managing snapshots

I'm investigating snapshots and came across some things that aren't clear
in the docs.

My understanding is that the snapshots are incremental and only transfer
things that were changed since the last snapshot. (Is that shards, lucene
stuff, something else ???)

One thing that isn't clear is if I create the following


Can I restore snap_yesterday to get that state back OR snap_today for
today's snapshot? I read in the groups that a new snapshot would replace
the change things ....

That also leads to the question of how to manage the snapshots. Is there
some cleaning I need to (or can) do. If so, then how can I ensure that the
state of a snapshot is usable if I delete older ones.

Lastly I was thinking about the idea of multiple snapshots. So in the
examples above I might replace the es_snapshots with a date such as:


Then I could delete at some point (or "older than X days").

Are there any thoughts around that or am I really misunderstanding things?


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