Manually appending log lines to log file, filebeat is not sending the appended logs

I manually appended the lines to a file using
echo "2020-09-09T11:07:56,826 DEBUG test log file , send to logstash" >>test.log in powershell.
restarted filebeat service. It's no luck.

Tried to check the publish message

below are the logs.
2020/09/10 11:29:02.576607 output.go:109: DBG output worker: publish 5 events
2020/09/10 11:29:02.583426 sync.go:105: ERR Failed to publish events (host: **************.local:5044:10200), caused
by: EOF
2020/09/10 11:29:02.586376 single.go:91: INFO Error publishing events (retrying): EOF

I m not seeing the appended logs in kibana.

filebeat sends data to logstash. logstash to ES. All logs are seen in kibana except the appended log lines.

Please help.