Manually Calculate Terms within a bar chart

Hello all together, i just started to get into Kibana 4, and i've the 1st little problem. Hopefully.

The bar shows different terms, called "events".

My problem is, that the correct status 1 = status 1 minus status 2

can anybody help me, of how to get this issue solved?

thanks and cheers Marco

If you can't change the original data I suspect you'll be able to use a script field for this.

thank you very much Magnus. I'm going to read the manual about script fields and how to use them. any advice?
thanks, Marco

Yup - that should be simple enough with a scripted field.

Simply go to Settings
choose your index and click on Scripted fields.
Click "Add scripted field" and enter a name for the field
Define your script , which should be "doc['status1'].value - doc['status2'].value"

Done - you should now have a status3 field to use.