Manually insert words and occurrence into the index

I assume that the words of each doc are shown in the index somehow.
I have a table of each word and occurrences of a doc( from some other tool) .
Can I insert manually the words to the index and specify their assurance and the doc which those words belong to?. (some kind of bypassing the indexing)

I am not sure I understand what you are trying to achieve and why you think you need to bypass indexing. Could you please provide some additional details around the scenario with some examples? Why not just index what you want to search for?

I'll rephrase the problem:
The idea is to tune the rating of a document when a searcher or manager thinks that the next searcher must get it high rated.

lets say the index show 2 words "fox" in document 1
and 4 "fox" in document 2.
Because so, for those documents, doc 2 will be rated high for "fox" lookup.
But I want doc1 to rate higher for the next searchers, when looking for fox, because I know the importance of this doc to fox'ers.

How do you know the importance though?

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