Map Alert Rules to Kibana Widget


We are looking to use Kibana dashboard capability to provide monitoring capability for our customer. We are going to be create alert rules based on numerous custom conditions and would like to map the rules to widgets in a Dashboard. To give an example:

Server health widget with the following rules mapped to it:
CPU Utilization
Memory Utilization
Overall Disk Space Available
Server Uptime

Application health widget with the following rules mapped to it:
Transaction Error Rate
Transaction Response Time

If any rule is triggered, the respective widget would turn yellow or red based on the rule conditions and criticality. This would give the operations team a single pane of glass dashboard for the current status of the application.

Is there any way to map rules created in Kibana to widgets in the Dashboard?


We have experienced a similar issue when trying to create a single visualization, preferably a pie or donut chart that would show the comparison between multiple categories. The goal is to illustrate the dominance of one category over others & show percentage or proportional data.

Basically in a single pie chart we are looking to map the following conditions for the apm index:

Green - > Healthy -> 0 errors
Yellow -> Warning -> Between 0 & 3 errors
Red -> Critical -> Greater than 3 errors

In Kibana, we are unable to complete bucket aggregation based on condition using pie chart.
Please advise on a solution. Thanks!

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