Map column from tiny math result


Is it possible to create a new column in a data table using mapcolumn and a tinymath that divides two existing ones?

Thank you


Hi Hugo. can you do the division in the query to create a new column? For example, from the documentation:

SELECT MIN(salary) AS min, MAX(salary) AS max, MAX(salary) - MIN(salary) AS diff FROM emp GROUP BY languages HAVING diff - max % min > 0 AND AVG(salary) > 30000;

Thanks @nickpeihl

It would be a great idea, but since I am using a PIVOT I am facing this bug

Nevertheless, It raises an usual question for me when using Canvas: should I use SQL, Canvas functions, Tiny math, or Markdown iteration - sometimes it's possible to do it using any of these tools.

Probably I would have the same problem since I am using Pivot columns in a tiny math expression like this

    mapColumn "racio" exp={math "divide('First column','Second column')"}

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