Map Object in scripted metric aggregation

I have the following Reduce Script, which is working fine when I do the query. When I am trying to call the same via Java I get am not able to call "getScriptedMetricAggregation", which is giving me Error when it is trying to convert the object to double. (Which I expect) but then how can I get the response map?

Reduce Script:

  "script" : {
    "lang": "painless",
    "source" : "Map result = new HashMap(); double words = 0, error = 0; for (a in params._aggs) { words += a['words'] ; error += a['error']; } result.put('words', words); result.put('error', error); return result"

Java Code (Since it is nested on top of Term aggregation only putting the significant code):

    for (TermsAggregation.Entry entry:termsAggregation.getBuckets()) {"key = {},{}", entry.getKey(), entry);
        ScriptedMetricAggregation scriptedResult = entry.getAggregation("scripted_error", ScriptedMetricAggregation.class);

Error On Screen:

Caused by: java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: JsonObject
	... 3 more

How to proceed ?
To me this seems like a limitation in Java-API.

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