Mapper attachments disable warn messages in logs


I am using ES 2.3.2 with mapper attachments and when I send some attachment contents( in base64 format) for indexing, i see many warnings in the logs as below. How to disable these warnings as these run too much into logs

-04 08:19:38,528][WARN ][org.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel.font.PDSimpleFont] No Unicode mapping for 20 (49) in font DGClUnicodeMS
-04 08:19:38,528][WARN ][org.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel.font.PDSimpleFont] No Unicode mapping for 19 (48) in font DGClUnicodeMS

Can we specifically set the logging level to ERROR for mapper-attachments only.

You can change the logging level for org.apache.pdfbox package

Thanks. is it a dynamic setting too or should i set it in logging.yml as below

es.logger.level: INFO
rootLogger: ${es.logger.level}, console, file
  # log action execution errors for easier debugging
  action: DEBUG
  org.apache.pdfbox: ERROR

  # deprecation logging, turn to DEBUG to see them
  deprecation: INFO, deprecation_log_file

  # reduce the logging for aws, too much is logged under the default INFO
  com.amazonaws: WARN
  # aws will try to do some sketchy JMX stuff, but its not needed.
  com.amazonaws.jmx.SdkMBeanRegistrySupport: ERROR
  com.amazonaws.metrics.AwsSdkMetrics: ERROR

  org.apache.http: INFO

Should be dynamic as well

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