Mapper parsing exception from autodiscover docker logs

There seems to be a type conflict with the way the fields get created by filebeat with auto-discovered docker logs, which is causing me to get mapper parsing exceptions from my nginx logs.

I've got a bunch of different containers being monitored by filebeat using autodiscover with hints. One of the first ones I got setup was my elasticsearch container, which has these labels set for hints in its docker-compose file:

     co.elastic.logs/module: elasticsearch
     co.elastic.logs/fileset: server

The default index template then created an elastic field of type keyword named "" which has a value of "server" for those documents.

As I kept working, on my nginx container I added the following labels in its compose file:

     co.elastic.logs/module: nginx
     co.elastic.logs/fileset.stdout: access
     co.elastic.logs/fileset.stderr: error

And so it is trying to index an object into the "" field that looks more like {"stderr":"error", "stdout":"access"} and getting the parsing exception as a result.

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