Mapper_parsing_exception when indexing JSON with id property name

This is the error message:

Elasticsearch.Net.ElasticsearchClientException: 'Request failed to execute. Call: Status code 400 from: PUT /developer-api-portal/_doc/d63ec56a-c5af-4c1c-a0e0-14340658aa86. ServerError: Type: mapper_parsing_exception Reason: "failed to parse field [] of type [float] in document with id 'd63ec56a-c5af-4c1c-a0e0-14340658aa86'. Preview of field's value: 'c7e83a25-d324-4a53-a464-c433a57360ba'" CausedBy: "Type: number_format_exception Reason: "For input string: "c7e83a25-d324-4a53-a464-c433a57360ba"""'

This is the JSON fragment that is causing the issue:

  "id": "c7e83a25-d324-4a53-a464-c433a57360ba",
  "type": "Admin",
  "value": "PaoloTestScope"

Looks like we cannot use any property with id in the property name, because Elasticsearch always treats it like a number.

We cannot change the JSON property names, because the JSON was serialized from the class Microsoft.Graph.PermissionScope, which is not under our control.

What are some workarounds that we can try?

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