Mapper [user_agent.version] cannot be changed from type [text] to [keyword] How to disable this warining?

I'm newbie to Elasticsearch. What I want to do is to gather logs with filebeat from kubernetes cluster and send them to Elasticsearch. My filebeat config file looks like this:

`filebeat.yml: |

  • type: container
    • /var/log/containers/*.log
    • add_kubernetes_metadata:
      host: ${NODE_NAME}
      • logs_path:
        logs_path: "/var/log/containers/"`

I am outputting to Elasticsearch,but I cant show the config. I don't have access to Elasticsearch instance I only have access to kibana where I can add index pattern to match logs from Elasticsearch. I see logs from file beat where it's written that:

"Failed to parse mapping [_doc]: mapper [user_agent.version] cannot be changed from type [text] to [keyword]","caused_by":{"type":"illegal_argument_exception","reason":"mapper [user_agent.version] cannot be changed from type [text] to [keyword]"}}

What I found in docs is this: , but I can't find how to disable this processor or even better how to omit this one field which is causing the error.

I would highly appreciate any help.

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