MapperParsingException thrown when putting a valid mapping

I received this error (working in Windows PowerShell, elasticsearch 1.2.1
(but also tested on 1.3.2)):

Invoke-WebRequest : {"error":"MapperParsingException[mapping
[highlighttestmapping]]; nested:
MapperParsingException[Root type mapping not empty after parsing! Remaining
fields: [highlighttest :
input_box_clicks={type=long}, name={type=string}, action={type=string},
type={type=string}, user={type=string}, timestamp={format=dateOptionalTime,
type=date}}}}}]]; ","status":400}

when I ran this:

Invoke-WebRequest -Uri http://localhost:9200/highlighttest -Method PUT

with a mapping.json file saved in the requisite
.../config/mappings/highlighttest directory. I tried this by referencing
the file directly from the command too. The frustrating part is that I was
trying to edit the mapping of one field, so I (unwittingly) ended up
getting the dynamic mapping for the index from documents I had previously
sent to the index, deleted the 'highlighttest' index, and then attempted to
re-create the index with the same dynamic mapping from before (so it should
be a valid mapping, correct?) and adding one setting for one field. Trying
to create the index with this mapping returned the error above, so just to
be sure I didn't mess up something with this one field I tried to create
the index with the same exact mapping that the dynamic mapping returned,
and I still got this error. Am I putting the mapping incorrectly? This is
the mapping that elasticsearch returned when I got the dynamic mapping:


And that's the mapping I tried to send when I created this index again after deleting it. My end goal is really to just make the "name" and "action" fields have the property "index":"not_analyzed", but I don't think that's what's creating the problem here. Am I putting the mapping incorrectly somehow? I've seen this error in this group ( and as a github issue, but I don't think the fixes offered helped.


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