First of all, thank U for sharing the wonderful product ElasticSeach.
These days ,I have confronted some confuses.I hope U can help me.
When I execute the curl command as follows(I just wanna create an index):

curl -XPUT 'http://localhost:9200/es4zq2/_mapping/netdepartment' -d '{"netdepartment":{"properties":{"MOBILEPHONE":{"analyzer": "ik","type": "string"},"MODIFYTIME": {"format": "dateOptionalTime","type": "date"},"trs_publish_month": {"format": "yyyy-MM","type": "date"},"DEPARTMENTID": {"type":"integer"},"CRTIME": {"format": "dateOptionalTime","type": "date"},"match_all": {"type": "object"},"DEPARTMENTDESC": {"analyzer": "ik","type": "string"},"ISVALIDITY": {"type": "integer"},"EMAIL": {"analyzer": "ik","type": "string"},"trs_global_version": {"type": "long"},"MODIFYUSER": {"analyzer": "ik","type": "string"},"CRUSER": {"analyzer":"ik","type": "string"},"SYSGROUPID": {"type": "integer"},"MODIFYFLAG": {"type": "integer"},"EVENTNOTIFY": {"type": "integer"},"DEPARTMENTORDER": {"type": "integer"},"DEPARTMENTTYPE": {"type": "integer"},"PRINCIPAL": {"analyzer": "ik","type": "string"},"trs_category_flag": {"type": "short"},"DEPARTMENTNAME": {"analyzer": "ik","type": "string"},"trs_publish_year": {"format": "yyyy","type": "date"},"trs_field_weight": {"type": "short"},"trs_global_category": {"type": "short"},"trs_publish_day": {"format": "yyyy-MM-dd","type": "date"},"PARENTDPMID": {"type": "integer"}}}}'

But It feddback an error:(BTW,this statement can be executed correct in other ES Server.)

as U can see,there is no field which is named title,description,price,onSale and so on.

there is no template for the index.

there is no .json file in the mappings dir.

I have put default.json on conf/mapping many days ago. And then ,I deleted the mapping dir yestoday.and I have restart the elasticsearch.
default.json contains these fields(title,onSale,description...).
this is start info:

Questions: can I fix the error,why the error appeared?
2.If I delete the dymatic mapping file(json file in conf/mappings/index),does the mapping work on late index?
3.what can i do if I want to delete this template which is created by json file?
thank U very much.