Mapping "AS-IS"

(Andrey Seleznev) #1

Hello, everybody. Can someone to give me a hint how to get index mapping "as-is". When I've made it, fields were in some logical order. And I have some feeder pushing my data to ES in this same order. If I'm trying to get actual mapping to lay aside before update (via http://MyURL/_mapping?pretty or hq/header plugins) it is in alphabetical or even chaotic.

(Nik Everett) #2

I'm fairly sure Elasticsearch doesn't preserve the order of mappings.

(Andrey Seleznev) #3

Expectedly, but sad. I have a massive mapping with dozens of fields. And they are logically structured on the source-side. So it's pretty puzzling to compare and find missmappings when the two filed lists are not ordered same. Thanks for your reply anyway.

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