Mapping based on template not working

(Pantelis Karamolegkos) #1

I am importing some data to elasticsearch after passing it through some lostash pipelinening.

I am declaring in the template (snippet below) some fields e.g. as ip and some others as integer

        "src": {"type": "ip"},
        "dst": {"type":"ip"},
        "src_port": {"type": "integer", "index":false},
        "dst_port": {"type": "integer"},

However, in my elasticsearch instance they end up as string


What is more, when retrieving the templates from kibana the seem to have the appropriate types:

(this from the kibana dev tools after executing GET /_template/*

          "src": {
            "type": "ip"
          "dst": {
            "type": "ip"
          "src_port": {
            "type": "integer",
            "index": false
          "dst_port": {
            "type": "integer"

(Christian Dahlqvist) #2

What does the rest of the template look like? Does it match your index name?

(Pantelis Karamolegkos) #3

Yes by typing the question I just noticed I had erroneous index matching in the template, i.e. the index_patterns field of my template did not match the actual indices I wanted mapped.


(system) #4

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