Mapping between 2 Indexed documents; Parent/Child

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I have this relations between these objects :
An account contains many categories, each categories contains many emails,
each email has many attachment
I'm trying to index all these objects in order to make a multicriteria
search engine; bidirectionnel search.
Example: I'm able to search for categories that has an email_size inferior
to 25K and I'm able also to search for emails that has cateogry_name =
Is it correct to index the whole parent document in the child document in
this way:
{ "_id": 1
"subject" : "ES..",
"size" : "25",
"_parent" : {
"_id" : 475,
"nameCategory": "Dossier des emails",
"_parent" : {
"_id" : 2,
"nameAccount" : "Gmail"

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