Mapping directly in Logstash Pipeline

Hi Guys,
since I didn't find anything helpful on the net - I need to ask here:
Is it possible to do the Mapping of fields directly in the Logstash Pipeline - either in the Input or in the Filter section?
As I do have a couple fields to populate, I want to make sure they're correctly mapped.

I'm looking to achieve something like that:

input {
  syslog {
    port => 1514
filter {
   mappings => {
        "MWG_ClientIP" => "ip"
        "MWG_RequestMethod" => "text"
        "MWG_BytesFromServer" => "long"
        "MWG_BytesFromClient" => "long"
        "MWG_URL" => "wildcard"
ouput {}

This is just a sample of what I'm trying to achieve, and I also removed a couple things, which aren't really that important for that question.

If I cannot do the Mapping directly in one step while processing the Data, I guess the only other two Options I have left are:
-) Create the Mapping within the DevTools before creating the Index itself
-) create an Index Template and do the mapping there, right?

Any help/input is highly appreciated.

No, it is not possible.

I would say that the best approach is to create an index template with your mappings.

Alright - thank you very much. That's what I thought.

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