Mapping for exact or partial matches

Trying to wrap my head around mapping and wondering how to handle a property that would need to be used for both full and partial matching.

For example, the referrer property in an apache log.

I want to be able to create searches against this property for both exact matches, or partial matches (let's say so I can find all records coming from the domain in the referrer).

From what I understand, I cannot achieve exact matches with text properties, or partials with keywords.

The only thing I can think of is to create 2 properties, one of each type, but that does not sound very sane.

Any insight on the best approach for this would be appreciated.


I found this:

So string stores values as both keyword and text. Then I would use referrer:foo for a text search and referrer.keyword:foo for an exact match keyword search.

Is that correct?

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