Mapping Internal Network for SIEM Network Map - Not showing

I am not sure I am making the correct assumption but I thought that if I added

   - add_host_metadata:
   - add_cloud_metadata: ~
   - add_fields: 
           lat: something.number_here
           lon: -something.number_here
       target: ''

to the filebeat yml, that I would be able to see the machine appear in the SIEM's Network Map tab - but that's not happening. Question is, was I wrong to believe that adding those fields would make the machine show up in the Network Map? Or am I missing a step somewhere?

Also, wasnt sure what value "target" would receive.

Thank you.

I can't speak to the SIEM component, but is that field mapped as a geo_point in Elasticsearch?

Hi Warkolm,
Essentally I was follwoing the instructions on:
Which I thought would create the internal geo_point in its index.

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