Mapping Timeout

Hey I am using a very simple aggregation to count entries in an SQL Database.
If a specific event is being monitored the counter should be lowered by one otherwise it should count up.
Everything is running under a unique task id.


filter {
 aggregate {
    task_id => "%{order}"
    code => "
      map['count'] ||= 0
      map['wip'] ||= 0
      map['count'] += 1

      if event.get('partnumber') != 0  
        map['wip'] += 1

      if event.get('finaltest_ok') == 1
        map['wip'] -= 1

      event.set('counter', (map['count'].to_f))
      event.set('bad_parts', (map['wip'].to_f))

But what it see in ES/Kibana seems like that the mapping has a timeout and the counter is being reset.

And here is my pipeline config:

- database_test
  pipeline.workers: 1
  queue.type: persisted
  queue.checkpoint.acks: 0
  queue.checkpoint.writes: 0
  queue.checkpoint.interval: 0
  path.config: "/logstash-7.3.0/bin/database_test.conf"

Any idea why this is happening?

You have a ruby filter that sets a [counter] field, but in kibana you are showing a field called couter. That does not match.

Hi Badger,

yes sorry...that was a typo in the code which I did correct but I forgot to took another screenshot.

But rest assured this is the same field.

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