Mapping type is missing

I'm afraid we cannot help without knowing any context.
Where this is coming from ?

I am working in Drupal. This message was displayed after creating index. The elastic search version used for this is 6 and when I upgraded to elastic search version 7 the error is not coming. I want to know why is this error shown in elastic search version 6 and not in elastic search version 7.

We started to remove types in 7.0.
The API changed a bit due to that.

You probably have in Drupal a module for es 7 and one for es 6, right?

I am not clear with your question.
What I did is when I got this error i just changed the Elastic Search Version from 6 to 7. Then the error disappeared for Index creation.

Below is the error which i get while saving index
"error":{"root_cause":[{"type":"action_request_validation_exception","reason":"Validation Failed: 1: mapping type is missing;"}],"type":"action_request_validation_exception","reason":"Validation Failed: 1: mapping type is missing;"},"status":400}

Below is the error which i get while saving index fields
{"error":{"root_cause":[{"type":"action_request_validation_exception","reason":"Validation Failed: 1: type is missing;2: type is missing;3:

You need to use elasticsearch version 7.

If you want to use an older version, like elasticsearch 6 or 5, you need to change the mapping which is sent to elasticsearch. I guess that the Drupal connector generates the mapping for you, but as I don't know Drupal, I might be wrong.

Yes you are right.
In Drupal, elastic search connector does the mapping.

It means that you need to use a compatible connector for the elasticsearch version you are using.

Thanks for your reply.
I have not found any compatible elastic search connector for the version which I am using, so using the latest version of Elastic Search.

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