Mapping vars

hello dear,
I want to know, how better way to create mapping when I need to view my agent version follow your counts. I inser with post this logs in to variables:

category:  2.34.212,
agent_count: 480 
            "type": "nested",
                    "type": "text",
                    "store": true
            "type": "integer"

This insert run by hour in our cron.d. When I filter by therm I have both values, but separately, follow image bellow, can we help to unify this visualization?

Hi @edkash,

Just to make sure I understand: you are trying to visualize the total agent_count split by

One way that might be more effective than a pie chart would be to do a bar chart where you put Metrics > Sum > Agent Count (Y-axis), and Buckets > Terms > Category Name (X-axis).

This would give you a chart where you could view the total agent count per category. Would that achieve what you are looking for?

Hello @lukeelmers I tried with the count, but sum resolved this issue.
thank you

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