Mapping versioning by using doc_type


We've constantly facing with updates/changes in our document mapping during
development, so we've come up with a idea of using doc_type for
Basically we start from a doc_type like: thing_0 as the start point.
And each time we have some changes in the mapping, we created a updated
version of mapping and put it under a new doc_type like : thing_1. Then
we switch all our systems to the new doc_type thing_1.
And asynchronously we migrate the data from old version, thing_0, to the
new doc_type thing_1, or simple delete them.

One thing remains a problem: asynchronously migration means that at some
point, we may have multiple doc_types in a single index (maybe 10+). Will
this become a problem for ElasticSearch? (performance?)
Otherwise, do you guys thinks it's a good idea for versioning document
mappings? How do you handle changes in the mapping?


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