Mappings, templates and default in a single file. How to update this information?

I've created a single file containg all type mappings, templates and default configurations.

I'm trying to PUT it using curl command, however It dumps me a error:

{"error":"ActionRequestValidationException[Validation Failed: 1: mapping type is missing;]","status":400}[

Is it possible to update all od this using a command line like:

curl -XPUT 'http://ESNODE01:9201/living/_mappings' -d @default_mappings.json

Thanks for all.

I don't think there is any way to do that. Maybe an alternative would be to create an empty index with these parameters, snapshot it, and then restore it whenever you need to create a new index with these parameters?

Why in the world is it designed so I can only update mappings one at a time? I have a large number of mappings that I need to update and doing it one at a time is unacceptable, so is deleting the index so I can push mapping to it first.