Markdown hyperlink changes when I click on it

Hi community I'm having the following issue. I made a markdown widget to use it as tabs in various kibana dashboards. I inserted each dashboard's url as a separate hyperlink. the problem is no matter which dashboard url I inserted, when I click on the link the url changes and leads me to home page of kibana, the changed url would be something like this:
so the question is:
why the link changes whenever I click on it? and what is the solution for this problem?

I really appreciate any advice. I already searched and studied all discussions about this topic and didn't find the solution yet.

Thank you in advance.

Can you share the markdown you are using and some screenshots of the behaviour?

I have been using TSVB for markdown which will be link to another dashboard on same space

on markdown I have following

[second dashboard](#/dashboard/b9b2bed0-e5d7-11ea-ab58-ff0b09b8c93d)

[third dashboard](#/dashboard/86f34bd0-7d2e-11e9-a486-97bcaeebb405)

on this you can even use custom css for color and size of text

text-align: center;
font-size : 18px;
color: Yellow;

yes here is screanshot of how I created the markdown:

and here is the page that will be open when I click on the hyperlinks:

Thank you in advance.

Thank you for your reply. I exactly created the markdown like this but I have the same issue. I shared the screenshots to provide more information about my problem.
I really appreciate if you could help me solve it.
I'm also using Kibana 7.6.2 version if it helps to find the solution.
Thank you;

try removing " that you have there

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