Master Node behaviour


Yesterday my cluster changed its status to RED. My Master node EC2 instance was having 8GB of EBS volume.

I did not able to find the reason behind the cluster status changing to RED. Then I tried to add another data node to my cluster, still the status did not changed to healthy.

Then I increased the volume size of my master node, then the cluster turned to GREEN .

I am not able to understand why this happened.

The point I am concerned about is .

  1. If it was issue regarding to space then why the cluster did not changed its status when I added the third data node.
  2. If after increasing the EBS size of master node , my cluster becomes health , does my data for the indices stored on Master node.

For further investigation I took a look at my Master node inside data/indices I found some data with indices.So I am not able to understand does my data is stored on master node also.

my Master Node has the following configuration :slight_smile:
node.master: true flase

I want to understand the reason and cause of this behavior and other things around it.
I hope I am clear with my question.

Thank you

Have you looked for clues about what happened in the Elasticsearch logs?

Not yet sir let me check once.
I will get you back after going through logs.