Match _id and Field Value with multimatch

I want to check whether the field value exists at particular id.
I have extracted few _ids (20-30) then on those id's I want to perform Multimatch with another filed value to check which value multi-matches in both the fields.
_I have id's {131,161} which has following documents:

(Field:His, name, was, Damodardas, Mool, Chand, Modi, and, mother's, name, was, Hiraben. _id:131 _type:modi _index:trial _score:2.489)

(Field:was, Hiraben. _id:161 _type:modi _index:trial _score:5.502)

_Knowing ids and values above, want to search following document: I want to find Common Word in all documents provided that it should satisfy NER code:377(below),

(NER: PERSON strong textNER code: 377 NER_of_Word:Hiraben _id:1601 _type:modi _index:trial _score:6.259)
I am performing this in the backend, using Python.

Please give solution.

Sorry, but I'm not sure you have the right forum. This is for Kibana questions/issues. I am not familiar with NER codes, and don't know how you might do this in python. If you were trying to do this in Kibana's discover interface for instance, it wouldn't be possible... but I don't think that's what you're asking.

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