Match name in Logstash Filter Elasticsearch plugin

I am using Logstash Elasticsearch filter to query matching data from another index. I am using below query

indexA : logstash-name
fields: user

indexB: logstash-user
fields: first_name
fields: type

 		hosts => ["XX.XXX.XXX:9200"]
 		index => "logstash-user"
 		query => "type:user AND first_name.keyword:%{[user]}"
 		fields => {    "first_name" => "first_name" }

My query is not working as expected. It displaying data which is not matched at all shown in the below diagram. I am seeking inputs regarding the query I am using to fetch the data

user first_name


@magnusbaeck. Hi magnus do you have any insights on my above request?

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