How to aggregate using name in Logstash Filter Elasticsearch Query

I amusing ELK version 5.2.0 and I am trying to aggregate some fields from another index in logstash-filter-elasticsearch using the name or email or userid.

Below is my query

query => "type:user AND (email.keyword:%{user} OR first_name.keyword:%{[user]} OR userid:%{user})"

Email and userid aggregation are working perfectly but the name comparison is not working as expected. for eg;
usecase 1

user : moving the method...
firstname.keyword: poulin

In my case the usecase1 should get failed and aggregation should not happen but its happening

usecase 2

user : Belinda Lynn
firstname.keyword: Lynn

Same for usecase2 also.

From this comparison I believe the name field is not matching with fulltext. I am looking for guidance and inputs to achieve my aggregation with exact match on the name fieds.

@magnusbaeck any thoughts on this?

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