Match none or multiple words in parentheses in grok

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I have a question about grok. I'm a total beginner and was searching but couldn't find a solution. I have log files with data that is in parentheses. Sometimes there is no data in it. the log lines look like

2017-11-24 12:42:10 - ive - [] pmuster001(Always Tunnel Mode)[ABC Users - Always Tunnel] - VPN Tunneling: User with IP connected with SSL transport mode.

some lines have no data in those parentheses like
2017-11-24 12:42:10 - ive - [] System()[] - VPN Tunneling: Optimized ACL count = 1.

My current grok pattern is
%{TIMESTAMP_ISO8601} \- %{WORD:Source} \- \[%{IPV4:ClientIP}\] %{WORD:User}\(%{WORD:UserRealm}

That matches everything up to the first word in the first example

How would I achieve that it catches everything between the parentheses and also if its empty?

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Well .. it looks I'm a little but further .... I came up with this grok:

%{TIMESTAMP_ISO8601} \- %{WORD:Source} \- \[%{IPV4:ClientIP}\] %{WORD:User}(?<UserRealm>(\((.)*?)\))(?<UserMode>(\[(.)*?)\]) \- %{GREEDYDATA:Message}

So I'm using regex there. I'm still getting the data with the parentheses but I assume grok will also work with regex capture groups and I'll try to read up on this.

Is that a correct way of doing this or any better way?

(Magnus B├Ąck) #3

To match any character except closing parenthesis use [^)] (or if you possibly need [^\)]). Hence, to match "(foo bar)" and grab the (possible empty) string between the parentheses you can use \((?<fieldname>[^)]*)\).

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