Match part of an URL

Using ES 0.90.0 I've defined the following property:

"url": {
   "type": "string", 
   "boost": "0.5",
   "analyzer": "aurlemail",
   "index": "analyzed",
   "store": "yes"

and the analyzer looks like this:

  type: custom
  tokenizer: standard
  filter: lowercase, fngramurl
  type: nGram
  min_gram: 4
  max_gram: 10

I add documents with some URL's, like and when I
execute a query for I get the ID's for the correct
documents. But when searching just for google I get zero results.

I use Java, therefore I create the query like this:

I verified that the analyzer is working. when executing curl -XGET 'localhost:9200/myindex/_analyze?analyzer=aurlemail' -d '' I see the token google.

Why am I not getting the document in my result? What am I missing here?
when doing the same with the attachment-mapping it works just fine

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