Match_phrase + fuzziness query porting from ES 1.7.x to ES 7.1.x

Here is my ES 1.7.x match_phrase query with fuzziness

# ES 1.7.x
  "match_phrase": {
    "highlightable": {
      "query": "this_is_the_phrase",
      "slop": 10,
      # Handle mis-spellings within the phrase.
      "fuzziness" => 1.0

I would like to ask if there is any equivalent query in ES 7.1.x that support fuzziness option for a match_phrase query? AFAIK the fuzziness option is only available for match query.

Much thanks in advance


I found out there is a way to use span combination, see answer on StackOverflow. However this way is quite cumbersome as it is required that phrase needs to be manually tokenized then automatically get parsed to create list of span queries.

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