Match Query - Can you help me?

I want to search this kind of thing.
I have fields like this.

identifiers:[{key: "list1", value:"My name is Giorgi"}, {key:"list2", value:"Giorgi"}, {key:"list3", value:"Giorgi Kharchenko"}]

	"query" :{
		"bool" :{
			"must" : {
				"match_phrase" :{
						"identifiers.value" : "Giorgi"

So I want to get records which contains identifiers that includes search value for value property.
{key:"list2", value:"Giorgi"}

I am not sure how I can build the query.
I tried with term query but was not good.

I think what you need is "wildcard", it can implement similar function as "SQL like"

well , can you post sample code if possible?

No. Please do not use wildcard unless you are happy with slow queries.

What is the solution?

You asked similar question in Term Query is not working so please let's keep the discussion in a single place. I'm going to close this topic.