Matching fields in two different indexes together

Hey Team,

Let just say I have two different indexes named index1 and index2,
they both have a column/ field in them named C1 and C2, what I basically want to do is I want to match where C1 and C2 are the same and create a new index out of it named as matched and if C1 and C2 are not same then-new index named as mismatched.

One more thing I wanna add before the matching process, I also want to remove duplicate enteries with the same C1 and C2 fields to thier respective to thier index.

Kindly suggest some solution for the same.

Sagar Mandal

Are the field names C1 and C2 different or same?
You may have to do this outside of the stack. Maybe use Python or Java Elasticsearch libraries to compare and re-index them? This would probably be a lot easier, but could become bulky in the long run if the index is huge.

These fields are same but have different values in between like

C1   C2 
A     B
B     C
C     A
D     S

So A from C1 match A of C2 but there is no S in C1 so that's unmatched. like this

so can we use python and integrate for only visualizations ?

Sagar Mandal

Yes. That should be possible.

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