Matching multiple patterns in grok for a filebeat ingestion pipeline

In logstash's grok, there's a break_on_match field that allows grok to match multiple patterns. Am I correct in believing that no such thing exists for grok in filebeat module ingestion pipelines (e.g., .../filebeat/module/my_module/my_fileset/ingest/pipeline.json)?

How can I accomplish that?

The logs I'm grokking are pretty long. Here's an example:

2019-12-28T19:14:32.848+0000: 238687.843: [GC pause (G1 Evacuation Pause) (young), 0.0572720 secs]
   [Parallel Time: 34.1 ms, GC Workers: 13]
      [GC Worker Start (ms): Min: 238687843.5, Avg: 238687843.7, Max: 238687843.8, Diff: 0.3]
      [Ext Root Scanning (ms): Min: 0.3, Avg: 1.1, Max: 7.9, Diff: 7.6, Sum: 14.7]
      [Update RS (ms): Min: 0.0, Avg: 0.6, Max: 0.8, Diff: 0.8, Sum: 7.4]
         [Processed Buffers: Min: 0, Avg: 3.5, Max: 12, Diff: 12, Sum: 45]
      [Scan RS (ms): Min: 0.0, Avg: 0.4, Max: 0.5, Diff: 0.5, Sum: 4.6]
      [Code Root Scanning (ms): Min: 0.0, Avg: 1.9, Max: 5.1, Diff: 5.1, Sum: 25.1]
      [Object Copy (ms): Min: 25.7, Avg: 29.1, Max: 31.9, Diff: 6.2, Sum: 378.5]
      [Termination (ms): Min: 0.0, Avg: 0.5, Max: 0.6, Diff: 0.5, Sum: 6.2]
         [Termination Attempts: Min: 1, Avg: 48.8, Max: 62, Diff: 61, Sum: 634]
      [GC Worker Other (ms): Min: 0.0, Avg: 0.1, Max: 0.2, Diff: 0.2, Sum: 1.1]
      [GC Worker Total (ms): Min: 33.5, Avg: 33.7, Max: 33.8, Diff: 0.2, Sum: 437.6]
      [GC Worker End (ms): Min: 238687877.3, Avg: 238687877.3, Max: 238687877.4, Diff: 0.2]
   [Code Root Fixup: 0.4 ms]
   [Code Root Purge: 0.0 ms]
   [Clear CT: 1.2 ms]
   [Other: 21.6 ms]
      [Choose CSet: 0.0 ms]
      [Ref Proc: 20.0 ms]
      [Ref Enq: 0.2 ms]
      [Redirty Cards: 0.4 ms]
      [Humongous Register: 0.0 ms]
      [Humongous Reclaim: 0.0 ms]
      [Free CSet: 0.8 ms]
   [Eden: 14496.0M(14496.0M)->0.0B(14496.0M) Survivors: 224.0M->224.0M Heap: 14745.9M(24576.0M)->240.1M(24576.0M)]
 [Times: user=0.49 sys=0.00, real=0.06 secs]

Putting all my grok patterns into a single pattern would result in the pattern being over 5,000 characters long. At the moment, I'm trying multiple grok processors, one for each pattern. We'll see how that goes.


Hi @Jim_Ivey I believe Filebeat does break_on_match by default(without a specific config parameter for it). Documentation on grok pattern also shows Returns on the first expression in the list that matches:

Thanks for the quick response. I wanted to turn break_on_match off (set to false) to match multiple patterns in a single grok processor. That would allow me to break the 5,000-character pattern into multiple, shorter patterns.

What I've done (that works) is use a separate grok processor for each sub-pattern. I wasn't sure that I could have a dozen or so grok processors, but it worked.

Thanks again for your help.

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