Mathematics calculations with daily data records

Hi Team,

We would like to build table in the below format . Data is coming as record by record..

Marketing Operating Count Total AF FL Total(%) AF(%) FL(%)
UA UA 9415 24 17 7 0.25 0.18 0.07
UA LH 47 6 6 0 12.77 12.77 0

We are able to create below format using data-table

Marketing Operating Count Total AF FL
UA UA 9415 24 17 7
UA LH 47 6 6 0

Percentages should be calculated w.r.t Count

We tried with scripted fields for calculating percentage, but couldn't calculate percentage and we got to know that scripted fields are calculated for each document due to which we couldn't achieve it.

Please refer below for more details - Division in Scripted field

Our current version of kibana is 7.4.2. Could you please suggest best possible way to implement this.

Also do let us know if we can achieve this by taking latest kibana version.

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Hi @MyQuery!

Unfortunately, this isn't possible within Kibana today.

You can create a "percentage column" for an individual column under the options tab for the table but that's as close as we can get you to the table you're looking for.

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