Matrix stats java api and or logstash

Hello elastic forum,

My company asked me if it;s possible to to retrieve the correlation (and if possible other functions) between two fields in Elasticsearch and or any other Elastic product. I am am aware that Elasticsearch supports a function called Matrix stats. The problem with this is, it this informations needs to be accessed by a person from sales and other not technically departments. So preferably my solution would require something on a drag and drop basis.

I am currently looking for the (Elasticsearch) java api equivalent of matrix stats. The things is, all the results so far have been negative. So my question is, is there an java api equivalent of matrix stats? If there is could, someone provide a link as to how implement this. I have looked at stats, but as far as I can tell this doesn't support functions like correlation.

I've also looked at Logstash plugins, but the ones I found did not specify if there was any option for correlation. I am using Elasticsearch 5.2.1.

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