Max bucket aggregation (on @timestamp /s)

what is the correct approach to draw count of events (showing maximum events/seconds)

I am trying to create visualisation (see picture below)
show graf with maximum events/seconds
Kibana is automatically scale @timestamp interval from 1sec to 1minute, i have to zoom in to see correct values. But zoomed in graph is not what I want .

I was trying to use max bucket aggregation but it seems does not fit my case. (see picture below)

histogram over few days


So your max events of "which field" on y-axis(metric aggregation) can be mapped over data histogram in x-axis.

I can't see what value you are using for x-axis buckets.


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Thank you,
What would be the right approach to create a visualization having
max counts in seconds over large period of time.
Doing it as you wrote Kibana always autoscale the time buckets and I do not have counts per seconds but count per minute or hour.

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