Max retries in Elasticsearch Java Client

(Otavio Goncalves De Santana) #1

Looking to JS client elasticsearch API, there's a documentation about max retries.

In Java world, there are several configurations:

  • transport.ping_schedule
  • transport.sniff
  • shield.transport.ssl
  • action.bulk.compress
  • request.headers.X-Found-Cluster

My question is: How can I configure number of max retries? And the time of wait these retries?

(Henrik Nordvik) #2

Moved from Cloud to Elasticsearch category as it's a general ES question.

(Jörg Prante) #3

Java API on client side uses a Netty 3 boss/worker model for TCP/IP connections. Connections are established and released on demand, dynamically from the worker pool. Because of this, there is no such parameter like max retries.

(Shrenik) #4

So does that mean it will keep on retrying indefinitely ?

(system) #5