Maximum debit for a single node Elasticsearch instance

Hello guys,

I am running some tests on a single node Elasticsearch instance to check the CPU/MEM usage of the system. I have ELK 6.8.5 Docker containers installed on a CentOS 7.6 virtual machine and I am sending logs from the host to Logstash using a Maven log4j2 application. I want to do a stress test and see how Elasticsearch performs with the maximum allowed no of documents. Do you know how can I find that out before actually performing the test? I don't want to aimlessly strain my system and possibly cause a failure by inadequately sending tons of data.
Here are some stats about Elasticsearch.

Thank you!

No, sorry, you will need to run this yourself. There's a tonne of variables involved, like what the underlying VM hardware is like, how large your documents are, the mapping, etc.

I see, thank you very much!

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