Maximum Heap Size for Server with 192GB RAM

Good day everyone. I spend some time read up the maximum heap size can be allocated for ElasticSearch Server, most of it said recommend maximum of 32GB or 1/2 of your physical memory.

I have a server with 192GB of Ram, can I allocate the heap size of 96GB? or maximum support at 30GB?

It's not recommended to go above 30gb.
With that size of RAM you can think of running 2 data nodes of 30gb each and 1 master node with something like 8gb of heap.


Thanks for the info.

I think I will convert the machine into KVM to run 2 nodes ES. Currently it's a single node ES machine, no cluster.

My index is create by date, daily. i.e data-20201027, each index is around 300GB of size.

Should I create like 10 shards and 1 replica (to maintain 30GB per shard) on the 2 data nodes?

May be with that size of data, you can have only one node per machine. The RAM will be used for the file system cache.

Thanks. Let me try out multiple node and single node, to find out the different. :slight_smile: Thanks.

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