Maximum length for highlighting exceeded - What can I do?

Logstash sends exception with stacktraces to Elasticsearch and this results sometimes to this warning:

The length of text to be analyzed for highlighting [20567] exceeded the allowed maximum of [10000] set for the next major Elastic version. For large texts, indexing with offsets or term vectors is recommended!

I would like to know what I can do about this. I took at look at index_options and adjusted the logstash template so that the message field has index_options set to docs. Does this make sense? It did not help. The warning is still there.

Also, how can I find out what data it refers to. I have several clients and it could be anyone. Is there a way to find out without checking every clients Logstash log?

I dont see any replies but @T3rm11 did you get anywhere with this issue ?

No, it's still a problem.

How can I get help for this? I can't be the only person that has a field with data that is longer than 10k chars.

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