Maximum number of fields in an index


I am using elasticsearch as my primary database (yes, I know its not a great idea, but I have a good use case for the same). My problem is that I am at the threshold of cross the 1000 fields limit for my index. Most of my fields need not be indexed, I do not search, sort or do any action using them, i just need to store them.

Is there anyway I can add more fields without them getting affecting my search performance, or me hitting the 1000 field limit? Most of my fields can be maintained in nested structure. Can i use nested_fields or nested_objects to solve this problem of 1000 field limit? I did not understand the difference between both.

Can someone propose a solution?


I believe that if you put all the non searchable fields within an inner object, you can simply disable the whole object with



Yep. That solved my problem.

Thanks a lot!

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